into your heart

When we withhold love, it's like closing a window because we feel like others are intruding. Past hurts or experiences may have left us feeling vulnerable and guarded. But by keeping the window shut at all times is like saying, "I'll never open my windows for fresh air again because once there was a hail storm that caused damage."

We fear the potential pain and discomfort that may come from opening our hearts. But here's the thing: most days are temperate with gentle breezes. Just like the weather, most interactions with others are not storms but rather opportunities for connection, growth, and love.

When we realize this, we can begin to open our hearts more freely, allowing fresh air and new experiences to come in. Like adjusting a window, we can choose to open our hearts wide, letting in the fullness of love and connection. And when the weather gets stormy, when challenges arise or conflicts occur, we have the power to adjust and close our hearts a bit, protecting ourselves while still remaining open to the possibilities of growth and healing.

Keeping an open heart requires trust, vulnerability, and self-awareness. It's about finding a balance between protecting ourselves and being open to the beauty and joy that life and relationships have to offer.

It's a journey of learning to navigate the ever-changing weather patterns of our experiences and emotions.

So, my friend, let's embrace the wisdom of this analogy. Let's acknowledge the past hurts that may have led us to close our hearts and recognize that not every interaction will bring storms. Most days, the gentle breezes of connection and love are waiting for us to open our hearts and let them in. And when the storms do come, we can adjust and protect ourselves while still keeping our hearts open to the possibility of healing and growth.

Together, let's find the courage to crank open the windows of our hearts, allowing fresh air and love to flow freely.